Because flushing the toilet has never been so terrifying and challenging!
Published 3 years ago
December, 2017.
This is “Attack of the Evil Poop”, a very controversial and hilarious videogame to raise awareness about our eating habits, blending unique game mechanics with a lot of humor and madness, in this upcoming Steam title, for P.C.
“Attack of the Evil Poop” mixes different game genres such as: First Person Shooter, Clicker, On-Rails Shooter and Quick Time Events among others, to drive players totally insane.
With a difficulty curve implemented challengingly, players will learn to combat against these little but annoying guests and with the mastering game mechanics will be able to unlock and access to every element this one includes, making an exhaustive use from replay value. See trailer here! Support Indiegogo Campaign and get the game here!
Alejandro Navarro Hojman
Videogame Designer - Other