Beautifully Flawed (Pre-Alpha)
Updated a year ago
In development
Linux; Mac; Windows
The first official release of the Pre-Alpha version of the game I'm working on. I have code-named it "Beautifully Flawed."

Install Instructions

Once you are done trying it out, please click here to take the survey
  1. Go to the game files that are stored in the cloud (via OneDrive) by clicking here.
  2. Once you go to the OneDrive link, right-click the folder or file with the name of the operating system your computer is running (For example; Windows 64-Bit Version, Windows 32-Bit, Linux, or Mac) and a little menu should pop up.
  3. Select "download" from the little menu

Depending on your O.S. here's what you should do next;

  • Windows
  1. Run the installer
  • Linux
  1. Extract the zip-file into a new folder using a file-extractor program of your choice.
  2. Once it's extracted, run the program file with the name "Beautifully Flawed [...]", which is in the folder you extracted the game files into.
  • Mac users
  1. Drag and drop the folder into your applications folder


Once you try out the prototype, please take the survey. I would greatly appreciate it! Be accurate, but don't be afraid to offend me! In order for me to make this game better, I need 100% honest feedback.

How to Play

  • Esc = pause
  • A or Left Arrow Key = Move left
  • D or Right Arrow Key = Move Right

What's New in Update 0.3.0

  • Now uses an installer
  • Added a settings menu to allow the user to change graphical settings

Bugs and Glitches

Please report any bugs or glitches that you find by using the in-game bug reporter. If you don't know where to find the bug reporter, here are the two locations that you can find it;
  • The main menu
  • Pause menu

Version History


  • Won't fall off of ledges unless whole foot is off
  • Changed shape of gears
  • Made it easier to put gear into place


  • Can quit the game from the main menu
  • Fixed issue where the bug reporter button didn't show up on the main menu
  • Fixed wonky physics in the Fix Gears prototype
  • Added support for
  • Windows 32-bit version
  • Linux
  • Mac
  • More in-depth analysis to help better bug reports

Hope you enjoy the prototype!
Rebstrike - Programmer
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Supported Platforms
Linux; Mac; Windows