Beat the Rhythm
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Neat and cute rhythm game to learn music rhythm theory and practice taping and counting rhythm !
Rhythm game with an exhaustive curriculum bringing rhythm theory and rhythm counting practice in a playful and addictive way. Suitable for child and adults alike, I target musician or future musicians willing to play more steadily and grow their capacity to play in a band or with other people.
Used technologies include low-latency audio synchronization, Unity IAP, Unity Analytics, Data persistence through a local encrypted xml database, image and text localization, A/B testing and 2D sprite animations.
I'm now quite aware of the possibilities, limitations and workaround of Unity audio system as it is my second rhythm game. If you need help with any of that, contact me ;)
Thibaut Dumont 티보
Creative technologist - Programmer
Game Languages
French; English; English, British; Korean; Portuguese, Brazil; Portuguese, Portugal; Portuguese
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