Bear Game
Updated 3 years ago
In development
A game where your brother is stuck in a tree, and you need to feed the bear chickens to get him out.
The goal of the game is to collect chickens and feed them to the bear. Once the bear has been fed enough chickens, he'll fall asleep, allowing you finally reunite with your once-forlorn brother.
It's a puzzle adventure game. You have some abilities that allow you to overcome challenges; abilities like double jump, crouching, climbing, and picking up objects. But when you're holding a chicken, you lose many of those abilities. So you need to find different ways of overcoming obsticles.
I built this game over the course of last fall semester. I was following a prompt given by the professor. The game had to be loosely tied to this narrative of a traditional Laotian story about two brothers and a bear.
I followed my own path and put my own spin to the story.
David Marshall
Technical Artist - Student