Beans Vs Waffles
0 Project Details Language: C# IDGA Group Game Jam – 2 days Unity3D iPad Link: Play Now: Flash: Old Unity Webplayer: Windows x86: Windows 64-bit: Contribution Objects Appearance - -Made the Satellite drop from the ceiling when it's being created by the player -After it get created it will fall for a short amount of time and then stop -After Stopping it will swing because of it being attach to 4 different cylinder with a Hinge Joint attach to it and it is randomized to rotate a little bit on creation Rocket Firing: -Have the Rocket fire at a random target on the opposite team Collision Detection and Reaction: -Made it that the Rockets don't collide with each other -Rocket can collide with the satellite Thoughts What went well? This was a project that we worked on for 2 days. I was impressed that the sounds and graphic group manage to get all of this ready before the end of the duration that we were working on. One of the other programmer worked on getting it released on the iPad. Afterward I've started porting this game to the Android. What didn’t went well? I was still new to using Unity at the time so I was still not sure how to make place holders for the 3D models. I ended up creating a cube model and instead of putting it as a child of a game object I let it stay there and add components to it. So when I gotten the 3D model to replace them, I ended up creating a new game object and remade it from scratch.
David To
Software Engineer - Programmer