Beano: Where's Dennis and Gnasher?
A hidden objects game with a Beano comic theme. This is a game based on the popular kids comic strip Dennis the Menace (UK Version). The game is based in the town of Bunkerton where Dennis lives and features various scenes from the town. Each scene has a series of hidden objects blended into it and also a set of hidden animations that the players can trigger. There are various modes within the game and each scene features 20+ items to find with a random set of ten being selected on each play through. In this way each scene gains replay-ability. During the game the player will also be presented with a set of special items that need to be found within a set amount of time. These give bonus points and add a little variety to the play. Key features that were added to the game are:- * Leader boards. * Head to Head multiplayer. * A fun anti-cheat mechanic. * Random items to enhance replay. * four unique scenes to explore. * Achievements These features mean that the game has now garnered a loyal following and many thousands of happy players throughout the world.
Peter Dwyer
Mr - Other