Battlestar Galactica Deception
Updated a year ago
Will betrayal destroy the last of humanity or unite it?
Battlestar Galactica Deception is a coop, survival shooting game where players are stranded on the planet Kobol after an intense space battle with Cylon Raiders. The remaining pilots must survive harsh environmental conditions, cylons, and each other as one or more imposters are among them. Microsoft Mixer features allow viewers to participate by hacking the Cylon network to converse with the Cylon commander and turn enemy units.
Game Concept Doc:

Here is a quick video that introduces our team and discusses the high-level concepts of the game:

Thank you very much for the opportunity to pitch a concept for such an amazing and beloved IP. This has been a lot of fun for our team and we hope you enjoy our efforts.
From the Future LLC
Stephen Hess
CTO, Founder - Programmer
Sean Clark
Marketing Communications - Producer
Cassiee Latshaw
Software Engineer and Designer - Programmer
Tanner Van De Walle
Software Developer - Programmer
Zachary Corley
Software Engineer - Programmer
Ian Walker
Game Developer - Programmer
Kyle Rives
Lead Technical Artist - Artist
Joey Bryant
Art Director at From the Future - Artist
Mike Christian
CEO, Founder - Designer, Programmer - Executive