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In development
Mac; Windows; Android; iOS
BattleQuest, a MMO mobile game that let's you build your character into what your heart desires whether that's a battle- mage roasting enemies face off or smashing them with a sword. Choice is yours!!
Made this game from scratch with a team of 4, (two 3D devs, one 2D dev, and me)
Multiplayer (1000s of users can be in the same world at the same time, with server optimization)
Custom Server (Not using any pre-made server defaults, made it to only be able to see close to stablize server)
Fully Authenticated (All actions go through the server, making hacking really difficult)
Database (stores/retrieves all information game needs into the database)
High Optimization (Using lighting tricks/triggers/lods/skyboxes/assetbundles to make it work on most Devices)
Custom Armor/Weapons (Made many sets of armor using remapping of normals/texturing/Model transferring)
and more.. (Quests, NPC movement, AI [having spells/attacks/timers/resistances/etc..], Ads, Store, etc etc...)

Cristian Contreras
Programmer - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Japanese; Korean; Chinese, Simplified
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows; Android; iOS