BattlePhaze ADC [Advanced Damage Controller]
Hello everyone, ADC is a new way to perceive damage for unity physics and collider based objects.well, how you may ask? what makes your system better than all the other systems out there that just do this really well already? well, our system unlike other systems out there is not based on Colliders around each and every component of the body that you want to take damage. no, our system hooks in and extracts data from a created array of points or uses bones supplied by the avatar. so big woop what does this mean? using the bone system we have essentially created a plug and play system for identifying points and giving accuracy down to what finger you hit as well as individual hit points available for each of those said points. currently inbuilt we have 2 identifier types, close proximity based on a collider (where we use a physics object collision to check the closest point and subtract points as well as this we have Explosive shrapnel damage (where we use an optimized raycast between let's say the index finger and the grenade checking for game objects in the way and only applying physics based force and damage if the checks for collisions are none. Documentation can be found below on how exactly we deal with this system and the setup the final product we are looking at around $15 USD we would love feedback on this and anything we have mentioned as well as the idea,s for stuff to build in for the future releases, final thank you to all who have dedicated time to reading and considering our product. - Battlephaze Team.