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About This GameBattleCubes: Arena is an action shooter set inside virtual arena.Based on difficulty, You as player have to fight off waves of enemies that become stronger and stronger.Dash is an ability you can use that allows you to quickly travel short distances, and become immune to damage during the dash.Every kill you make in arena gives you currency (based on enemy difficulty) and increases your earnings multiplier by 5.Upon being hit (even during the Dash) multiplier is reset to 0.Use currency earned in arena fights to upgrade three parts of Your cube from safety of Workshop:WeaponsDamageShoot SpeedVelocityArmorHealthDamage ReductionEnginesMovement SpeedDash DistanceDash CooldownAs you progress through game, you may need stronger armor, or perhaps a more powerful weapon.You're in luck. The Lab has challenges waiting for you.Challenges are separated in two groups:Weapons and ArmorAvailable Weapons are: Rifle, Machine Gun, Cannon, Shotgun.Armors have a type and a modifier.Armor Types are: Light, Medium, Heavy, Titan, Composite.Armor Modifiers are: Nano, Dense, Reflective.Armor Types dictate how much health points and damage reduction Your cube has.Armor Modifiers change Your stats as follows:Nano mod reduces both Your health and damage reduction, but offers health regeneration.Dense mod increases Your health drastically.Reflective mod slightly decreases Your health, but doubles you damage reduction.Each challenge features three upgrade levels, that are completed as regular arenas.Upon completing level three(3) challenge for any weapon, that weapon gets a special upgrade. d859598525 Title: BattleCubes: ArenaGenre: Action, IndieDeveloper:.k.p.Publisher:.k.p.Release Date: 28 Mar, 2019 BattleCubes: Arena Full Version Free
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