Battle Balls!
Published 18 days ago
Two Player Collection Battle!
Player One Controls: WASD
Player Two Controls: Up, Down, Left, Right
Battle Balls is a two player collection battle game. The goal is to collect 25 gems before your opponent while dodging projectiles. You have to take the coins back to your platform in order for them to count towards your score. A power-up spawns that you can use to smash your opponent and erase all of their gems to solidify your lead.
This game is the first game I've ever programmed from start to end complete on my own, and I learned a lot! I was disappointed that as a composer I did not have time to add any sound design or music, but the goal of creating this was to build a game start to finish on my own. Mission accomplished!
A huge thank you to Unity for their support of the Game Development community, with your help I've learned a ton over the last two months and plan to try and certify!
Tyler W
Pupil of Programming - Producer