Battle Balloons
Published 5 months ago
In development
Fast paced 1 on 1 strategy game - pop your opponent's King balloon.
This strategy game blends Rock+Paper+Scissors with elements of bluffing and a touch of random chance. Each player starts with 3 AR balloons: one big Red, medium Blue, and little Green. The goal is to pop your opponents King.
At the start of each round, each player chooses one of their 3 balloons to be the King balloon. Then players take turns tapping their opponent's AR balloons. Each tap increases the balloon size and pushes it closer to the moment of popping. The random chance involved is that red balloons pop after 4-7 taps, blues pop after 2-4, and green on 1 or 2 taps. For example, in one distinct round a Blue and Green could both pop after 2 taps, but next round is a separate probability distribution. At first it may seem that the dominant strategy is to always choose Red as your King, but then again if your opponent knows this then wouldn't they start by popping Blue or Green... This is where the bluffing comes in.
The rounds move quickly, tallying total wins and taps in the current round on background scoreboards, as each player taps back and forth. Like Rock+Paper+Scissors, there's infinite replay value as you lull your opponent into a false sense of certainty right before switching your strategy.
David Page
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