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Funny how some little things never fade out.

Memory 1 - 1991 the teenage rooom
The year is 1991: MTV rules, metal is still king and Amiga, as computers go, can't be touched. A teenage bedroom can serve many purposes for a daydreaming 15 year old; one that's desperately in love with an older girl, dreaming of a crowd to headbang to his guitar playing, but love being immersed in magic of the Amiga world and its stars: LucasArts and Psygnosis. My childhood room may have seen many changes, but this is how I'll always remember it.

MEMORY 2: Evenings in Agony
From all the games I've ever played, Agony by Psygnosis 1992 has been the most influential to me. There were far better games in terms of gameplay, but the genious of Roger Dean was behind the art and those desolate loader themes literally had me tripping to places I'd never imagined before. On top of that, Agony has to this date, the most haunting and instantly recognizable music theme of any game I've come across. The theme was so good, that a famous metal band used it (without consent) on one of their albums and regularly on their live shows too. Reworking the Agony world has been incredibly fun for me!

Loved that I never had to leave Unity for any post work. Also loved the upscaling of the resolution during export. Great stuff!
MEMORY 3: The credit nightmare
By the age of 21 and while I was still studying, one of my friends landed her first jobs in a major bank and managed to get me my first credit card. There were just so many things I was craving for but I was completely uneducated in credit card management. Credit piled up quickly and soon it became evident that I had to start working small jobs along with my studies to be able to pay the bills. The pressure was so much for me that nightmares had become almost a daily thing. The one I made here is one that stack on my mind. It shows a faceless team of workers crashing a neverending stream of gold that, through an hourglass it's ending up as weighing leverage against my very throat. Thankfully I wised up since and never run into credit troubles again.

Modeling was done in C4D and Zbrush.
Landscape: in World Machine/Geoglyph and C4D
Texturing: Substance Designer and Substance Painter
Retopology: Wrap3 and Topogun
Rigging and skinning: C4D
Animation: (not posted here yet) C4D and Akeytsu
Lighting: It was a good thing that performance didn't matter here, so I turned everything up to 11 and didn't mind spending on lights. I used Linear colorspace, Differed rendering and realtime lighting. I approached all of the scenes from a cinematic perspective and after I was setting up a camera on a gracing angle for the shot, I used as many supplementary fill, kicker and rim lights as necessary to complement the center of attention.

(I hope I can make it on time and add everything else required for the challenge (videos and models), but admittedly at this point I am exhausted.)
I can also provide the .game./exe for each scene if the organizers or a group is interested in them.
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Very nice job! Somehow i felt this room as my childhood room :D