Base Blitz
I was the lead engineer for this VR game. I had the most fun working on gameplay systems, input, and technical game architecture.
Embark on a fun and challenging "lite" Real-Time Strategy campaign against an AI bent on your destruction! Construct your base, build your army, and determine your strategy of attack. Every map provides a unique challenge with new units, obstacles, and traps to contend with. You can even advance your technology to build the fearsome nuclear silo and rain molten destruction on your enemy! As you level up your character, you’ll earn rewards for technology advancements that can be placed into your own custom maps to share with other players. Other features include Touch controller support, an in-game tutorial, leaderboards, map editor, and the classic base-building, economy management, and strategic battles that strategy players love to dig into.
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Ryan Dawson
Unity Software Scientist - Programmer
Kurtis Smith
Artist - Artist
William Long
Sr. Unity Engineer - Programmer
Kurtis Smith
a year ago
Artist - Artist
Congrats! We just launched.