Barcode Battle GO
Updated 3 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac; Linux; Android; iOS
Battle of Wizards
Barcode Battle GO is turn-based strategy game where you represent a sorcerer.

▸Your Sorcerer
Create your own spells
Summon monsters
Choose his equipment

Different levels with a lot of monsters and treasures
Earn money, equipment, effects
Fight against Boss

Fight against other players
Be the top most of the leaders and earn rewards

▸Scan Barcodes and QRCodes
Each Barcode and QRCode is a component, equipment, effect, monster
Unlimited possibilites, but you can scan each code only once.

▸Unlimited spells
Create your own spells with Runes and Effects
It is only limited by your imagination and sorcerer's level

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Bruno Fargnoli
Programmer / Manager - Owner
Game Languages
English; French; German; Chinese, Simplified; Portuguese; Russian; Spanish; Italian; Korean; Polish; Turkish; Dutch
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; Linux; Android; iOS