Ballymore Goodluck Hope

Goodluck Hope represents Ballymore’s most ambitious residential property development yet. Injecting new life and vibrancy into the neighbourhood, and furthering the remarkable regeneration of Docklands riverside in London, their plan includes 804 new homes, 2,000 sqm of commercial space, 235 sq m of education floorspace, and a restored Grade II-listed Orchard Dry Dock.

“Neutral Digital has delivered an outstanding interactive visualisation tool that is also synchronised with our CRM, boosting our ROI and helping sales achieve their targets.” ~ Padraig Hanly, Product Director, Ballymore

The Challenge

It’s crucial for large-scale residential property development projects to secure forward sales. In an industry that is as competitive and high stakes as property, developers need to exhibit their upcoming projects in a way that excites prospective buyers years before the works are even finished.
When Ballymore approached us with the task of producing an interactive digital marketing suite for their most ambitious residential property development yet, we knew we had to push the boundaries.

The Solution

The solution we created exemplifies the values and style of the Goodluck Hope development. Modern, ambitious, and ahead of the curve. An interactive digital experience that showcases all aspects of the development on an enormous 4-meter touch screen and integrated with their CRM system, Salesforce. It is by far the most advanced digital marketing suite seen in the London property market.
The mission of this project was to deliver an industry leading digital experience for Ballymore’s on-site marketing suite in London as well as sales events around the world. Key touchpoints were;
  • Targeting an expansive set of devices from the nine touch-screen video wall all the way down to iPads.
  • Tight integration with the Salesforce sales journey.
  • Localising the application to both English and Chinese audiences.

Visually Accurate Representation

We needed to provide visitors with a visually accurate representation of the development as well as detailed information about the individual apartments and surroundings. The colossal amount of content required for this project included five separate large apartment complexes which we needed to reproduce to the tiniest detail, and we also needed to recreate the entire London City Island development and the surrounding shops and landscape.
We created a set of custom animated maps for multiple devices to show accurately travel times across London and the world. In all, we had created hundreds of images of images, videos, 360 images, 360 videos, and descriptive text in both English and Traditional Chinese.
Ballymore’s sales team found that the custom content management system (CMS) we created to manage all the project data was invaluable for the sales process because it enabled real-time data management, user verification, favourite properties sync and up-to-date property availability support.

CRM Integration

The project is first and foremost a sales tool, which is why we integrated the entire system with Ballymore’s Salesforce sales journey.
When a potential customer signs up on the Ballymore website, they are assigned a unique ID that saves their preferences and favourites while they are browsing through the apartments on a nine screen touch wall or on an iPad. The CRM integration with our interactive visualisation platform gives the Ballymore team extra information about a warm lead that they can use to follow up over the phone or by email if the sale isn’t immediately closed. If it is finalised, the system removes the property from the application. This also removes the risk of double bookings and double deposits, which can potentially damage the relationship with the client and, even worse, make them pull out of a purchase entirely.
The user experience has been designed to be as low friction as possible, the interactions are exactly the same as you would use on any touch screen device to zoom, pan, and rotate around to get every possible view of the model. To visit an apartment the user simply taps on any building to bring up the filtering user interface showing all the apartments that are still available in that building. From there the user can narrow the results with a minimum amount of taps, sorting by number of bedrooms, location, floor level, and even the direction of the view. They can also quickly swap to any other building in the development while keeping the same filters with one tap.
We are confident in saying that this is the most technically advanced digital marketing suite in the property market. If you would like to book a demo of this project or want to get more information please, contact us.
Adam Randall