Balls 'n' Stars
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Time for a ball launch-off! Launch, bounce and smash through challenging puzzles!
Balls 'n' Stars is a platform-golf-breakout hybrid game. Traverse through 50 challenging stages as you smash the stars! (And probably looking at the clouds for a while...)

Plan the shot!

Use the on-screen reticle to aim where you want to launch the ball. Hold the left mouse button to charge and release to shoot!
Each stage has a set of recommended amount of launches or Par Moves, if you launch less than the Par Moves and not getting out of bounds, you're truly the master of the stage!

Launch out through different biomes!

Travel through the 5 islands with different biomes and gimmicks. Plan your skills to overtake these gimmicks!

Aim for the stars!

Each stage has a 3-star rating, which have their own criteria.
You got the first star for clearing the stage, the second for launching less than Par Moves, and the third is to not fall to the sea.

A full set of lovable ball designs!

With 16 different ball designs to be chosen, you can change the look of your ball to suit your style!

Mini-games to play with friends, or foes!

Want to have a party? Yes, you can!
Visit Carnival Island to play one of 4 funny mini-games! Play with your friends, in a hot-seat style.
NOTE: This game requires both keyboard and mouse! You can also play on a touchscreen device, but keyboard is still required for pausing!
Wahid Sabari
Developer - Owner
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