Ball Hit: Template

🏀 Ball Hit

👆🏻 Coming soon in Asset Store!
Ball Hit - is a game in which you will have to hit the ball in the ring which constantly changes its position after hit, earn points and open new balls! Balls can be opened after passing the missions, each ball has its own mission.
The best game for killing time with a nice design and very handy game mechanics.
Supports all devices! The project has the following features:
  1. The game is completely ready for publication
  2. Six balls in the game
  3. Opening of balls after the passage of missions
  4. Pleasant design
  5. Settings (Vibration)
  6. Game break
  7. Effects of "Perfect"
  8. With each hit it becomes harder to play
  9. Record score
  10. Animations
  11. Particle when throwing a ball
  12. Tested on iOS / Android / PC
  13. Logo of the game
  14. "No ADS" button
  15. IPhone X Screen Fix
  16. Unity Free and Pro
  17. Missions
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