Ball Challenge
Original game's mechanizmus:
This mobile game is based on ball in a maze. In general, the maze is a rectangular shape. You should move the ball from start point to end point, but you can tilt the maze only.
You can tilt the maze by tilting the phone. When you complete a level, you get stars. You get maximum 3 starts:
  • Because of you completed it.
  • If you do not lose life.
  • You finish in time.
You have 3 or 5 lifes in a level and every level has a check point (about central of the them). The position of the maze is not equel with phone. How you keep the phone, when you start a level, that will be horizontal the maze. That's why you can see the position of the maze in the bottom right corner. The game music is from a base unity tutorial and the interface is responsive.
You can change the master volume, the sensor and you can reset your game (you will lose every stars, which you have).
  • Accelerometer: Every smart phone have it, but you can not play in lying position.
  • Gyroscope: the cheaper smart phones have not it.
Engine: Unity 2017.3
Requirement: Android 5.0 or more (I didn't make test on tablet)
I didn't upload to the Google Play Store, but you can download from Google Drive.
Zsolt Sziráczki
Programmer - Programmer