Balance Studio Work
Highlights of work done at Balance Studios, Green Bay, WI.
In the 2015 AR Demo Reel, I worked on the following projects (with timestamps): :00 - :40 --- ColorMation for BounceU 1:05 - 1:22 --- Rocks in My Socks AR Children's Activity Book 3:13 - 3:24 --- SmARt Instruction AR Medical Information Prototype ColorMation was a children's activity app developed for BounceU, where children would color various images and then use the application to bring the characters to life, with the texture of the in game characters matching the children's drawing on the paper, and would then play one of a number of different mini-games. Rocks in My Socks was a Children's Activity Book created by the studio before I began working there, but as it was built in a very early Unity version, with some very outdated support, I was tasked with bringing it up to date and also producing an Android version. I ended up recreating nearly the entire application from scratch, with improved UI, performance, and file size optimization. SmART Instruction was an application I was involved with during the initial prototype phase, which is what is shown in the video above. The app was designed to look at a pamphlet of information, and would then provide users a graphical view with more information on a subject, as well as potential audio and video assets talking about the subject of the pamphlet. Fish Daze was a game developed to use the Microsoft Kinect v2 Sensor as the controller, allowing kids to play a fast pace game where they had to decide whether each fish was native to Lake Michigan, invasive, or whether it was garbage, and move it into the correct bin. Rock Launcher, was another game included in the Rocks in My Socks app, but the image target to launch the game was provided separately from the book as a promotional item, and as a free download.
James Thompson
Interactive Developer - Programmer