Bag +5
Bag +5 Is a utility app for tracking inventory items in tabletop pen-and-paper style RPG games. It has been my biggest project.
It was successfully funded on Kickstarter and launched to 140 backers. Development began in February 2017. The Kickstarter launched at the end of March 2017. The development spanned eleven months total counting the initial launch version and a significant overhaul to add requested features and improvements. The app is monetized with an in-app purchase that unlocks a few key features.
Unique features:
  • Stylistic artwork that makes the app more immersive than others like it.
  • An NPC store system allowing players to use gold to buy items directly into their inventory.
  • Player-to-player NPC store sharing. A player can design an entire store of items and share with friends.
  • A journal system allowing players to save multiple journals of notes.
  • Configurable options to make the app work the way you like.