Bad Neighbourhood
Updated 10 months ago
Real-time environment

Hello everyone! That is my first experience in unity and in real-time graphics. It started as usually from preparing assets, I modelled some in cinema 4d, than textured them in Substance painter. The main challenge was to fit in low polygon budjet because I didnt know how much my weak pc would handle in Unity.
Simple sculpting for 2 characters and 2 guys from Mixamo free library.
Next step was to the new lands
Actually I had no idea how to animate a simple root transform in unity. But thanks to the timeline recording option with familiar keyframes and cinemachine's camera shots everything turned out to be easy to operate.

Color grading in realtime is a very cool feature. Same for the motion blur and DoF.

List of assets and software used

  1. Cinemachine - free
  2. Post-processing stack - free
  3. Unity 2017.2 personal - free
  4. Substance painter - subscription
  5. Mixamo auto rigger and animation library - free
  6. Dark sci-fi pack - free
  7. Garbage Heap the Last - free
  8. Adam volumetric lighting - free
  9. The Blacksmith: Atmospheric Scattering - free
  10. Unity recorder - free
Thank you for reading!