Bad Dreams - WordPress for Unity
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Mac; Windows; WebGL
A re-imagining of Unity's 3rd Person shooter to showcase all the WordPress functionality I could add to it. Cloud based, pirate proof, time delayed re-imagining of their classic shooter.
The game is free to play over at
The original game had you running around a room shooting everything that moved with your infinite range gun with unlimited ammo. Death was certain since the enemies are literally endless.
In my version I make death come a little quicker by limiting the range of your weapon as well as limiting your ammo... but I make up for it by giving you new weapons to play with! No longer limited to just a gun you now also have hand grenades and bombs! And just to show I care, I allow you to increase the damage that all three weapons can inflict as well as the damage range. [Fine print: If you can afford it! (Insert evil laugh here!) ]
All upgrades can be purchased using currency gained by playing the game. The more you kill the more cash you get. More cash means more upgrades, more upgrades means easier kills and more cash to buy more upgrades. Good thing too, cause the more you upgrade your weapons the more expensive ammo becomes to buy... So go kill those fluffy nightmares! Show no mercy!
As you can imagine, the first major change you will notice when you compare the games is that this version now contains the weapon unlock section and store. All data is stored online so you can play from any browser on any device and you will always be using synced data.
For this to happen you will need to create an account on my website (which can currently only be done from within my games since I have disabled new accounts registration on the website directly. Once you have created the account you can log in to the game either via the game or by just going to the game while logged in on the website).
The goal here is to get onto the leader boards and try to stay there. To do so just upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and then go survive as long as your ammo allows. You get 5 lives to start with and gain one extra life every 30 minutes.
The game was created as a complete game template to add to my "WordPress for Unity" asset on the Asset Store . I have been selling WordPress assets on the Asset Store for years now but never actually published any demos to show any of it in action... so I created a game that showcases all of it in one go.
Another feature that is built into the game that I had a hard time figuring out how to implement is product registration. I have an asset on the store that means you can say good bye to piracy. You are free to share your games with the world and not worry about it because they cannot play without registering an account on your website. If they decide to share their account details, well, that means they are sharing full access to change the display name, password, recovery email address and access to every single other product they ever bought on your site... I would think that would be a great deterrent from a "share with the world" point of view.
The problem I faced was that I wanted the game to be 100% free to play and yet the goal was to showcase all my WordPress features inside a full game template. Another feature that I have on offer is the ability to sell in-game content direct on the website via WooCommerce. This means people can sell in-game content using any form of payment they have setup in WooCommerce... from COD and cheques to PayPal and CryptoCurrencies... even virtual currencies if they so choose! So again, what to do? I want to showcase purchasing from the website and product registration / anti piracy but I also want to make the game free to play... Hmmm...
So I decided to do the best of both worlds. My anti-piracy plugin not only offers pay-to-play selling of your game but also offers demo modes and in-game rewards for registered players. So I did that. The game is free to play but if you should decide to buy it from the store then you get free max ammo every time you start a game. No more grinding to get the cash to buy the weapons, buy the game and you start with full ammo every time... and while I was busy I added the option to buy currency also, just in case you don't want to grind to upgrade and absolutely MUST have every upgrade immediately! :D
So yeah, the options are there if you want it and thus I solved my "how to showcase the money parts inside the free game while still keeping the game entirely free to play!" -dilemma :D
So let's see... An account on my website that follows you from browser to browser across devices, online storage of upgrades and high scores so all your devices are auto synced, a high score system, weapons unlocking, upgrades and ammo purchase store, virtual currency with optional real world purchase thereof, loyalty rewards for people who showed me some support by buying a license for the free-to-play game, limited lives with a cool down before you can play again and of course, auto login to your account upon loading the game as long as you are signed in on the website (one click of remember me and you will be logged in automatically for 2 weeks). Those are the features I wanted to demonstrate :)
Patting myself on the back would be telling you how half of the actual website itself is auto generated by the same code that powers the game... so I will keep that shameless self praising out of this post ( koff koff... aghmm :P )
Feel free to drop on by, play the game, earn some cash, upgrade your weapons and try to beat my score. :D I set the bar high so I won't play any more. The question is, can anyone match my skill level at having bad dreams.... If you can, there has GOT to be some kind of reward in it for you :D Take my name off of first place and we can talk reward ;)
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Mac; Windows; WebGL