Babylon Adventures
About the game Breathtaking 3d Platformer in the anicent city of Babylon where the player venture in to the land to find the ancient treasure lost decades ago. Technologies Unity3D C# , 3DS MAX , Zbrush , Substance Painter Overview Babylon Adventures is a platform game in which the player controls the brave adventurer, who must traverse the old remains of Babylon, defeat the evil monsters and rescue his people . The game is split up into levels, through which the player must progress one at a time to proceed in the game. The player is given a certain amount of lives, which are lost when Crash is attacked by an enemy or falls into water or a pit. If all lives are lost at any point in the game, the “Game Over” screen will appear, in which the player can continue from the last time they saved their . Platforms Platforms : Android , iOS
Hudhaifa A. Ahmed
Freelance Game Developer