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Lore (So Far)

You are stuck In the land between heaven and Hell. Help this "thing" you control travel the diverse lands. And finally exit this "hell".

Art Approach

We wanted to go simple, But not too simple to the point you could call the art style "lazy". This was inspired by games like inside, Limbo ETC
As you can see the character is very simple, It's just a boy with a reddish t-shirt and no eyes and mouth. This is what we were going for is simple, but not so simple that it looks that we didn't put any effort into it.

The new tools we used

Sprite shapes
So for this game, the primary tool we used was the sprite shape. This tool allowed us to form complex curves as platforms for our character to travel on. This is extremely efficient and saves a lot of time. The sprite shape made up the entirety of the first level of our game.

Pixel perfect camera
At the early stages of the game development, we ran into a few visual issues. One of those was resolution. The sprite shapes looked extremely pixelated and low-rez. So, we tried using a package mostly used in pixel art based games, the pixel perfect camera. This fixed most of our problems and made the game look a bit more decent.
Vector graphics
For the background of our game, it wasn’t going to be too easy. You see, the background is a vector background made on adobe illustrator, and implementing that into unity wasn’t going to be looking half decent. We tried a high rez (1080 ppi) png file, but it still looked too pixelated. Then our savior came. Vector graphics. This allowed us to use .SVG files in unity. But we couldn’t use SVG files for the sprite shapes and character (crashing issues), we could certainly use a plain sprite renderer with an SVG file as its source! That made everything look much better.

Ah, the cinemachine. The life saver when it comes to cameras. Especially in platformers like B.L.O.K.K where it needs to follow the player. This was our instant ticket to success. It saved use 2 hours in coding (considering our inexperience). The cinemachine is an efficient tool when it comes to cameras. It allows you to decide how to use it while it does the work for you. We used it on the main camera and it allowed us to follow the character without losing him most of the time.

Our game is simple but ... sometimes wants to make you rip off your hair
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