Awakening Final Submission
Updated 2 years ago
First Update.
Hello I'm Sagar. I am a 3d artist that has worked in film , tv, and V.R .
This is my first ever attempt at using Unity. The concept was designed my me. I used Maya to design, model and sculpt the head. My aim was to create a simple composition and use all free Unity assets.
The stairs and plinth were also created in Maya. The background cube geo were created in Unity , as were the (free) textures.
The smoke and particle were created in Unity and downloaded (free) from the Asset store.
I used MegaSun for the skybox hdri.
All Unity Assets were free.

My first attempt at using unity. Concept designed and created by me.

Update 2

Added some variation to background cubes.

Update 3 - Final Submission

Moving version of my unity composition.

Head of Buddha was modelled in Maya.
Added additional particles to foreground.
Used Unity Post processing to convey mood. Very impressive tool set.
MegaSun used for HDRI.
Would like to add volumetric lights, but not sure how too for free. Anyone out there knows how?
Sagar Rathod
3d - Artist