Autonomous station for drone
Published a year ago
In development
This project is to develop a simulator for a proof of concept for a robotic station for drone.
I have the project with my friend to create a startup in robotic and our idea was a robotic station for drone.
After seeing the drones show from Intel or the ones during the winter olympic games, we were wondering how they did about the battery for each drone. The answer is that they did all by hand, and so once the battery is empty ( about 20 minutes in general for drones), the show has to stop.
So our idea was to automate the change of battery and allow drone to automatically come back to a station and gets its battery change. With this station, drones can operate almost all the time and without any human interaction.
So before strting creating this robotic station, I started to develop a simulator for our station. The two goals of this simulator were:
  • To be a proof concept by making the simulator realistic and not cheating with getting exact drone position or whatever else. For example the position of the drone is calculated thanks to image processing inside Unity 3d (using OpenCV plus unity trial version)
  • To create a video for eventual demonstration for potential clients (like the one I posted here)
It is now one month, that we are developping this robotic station, an update will be made when i will have the same video but with the real system.
Gueriau Quentin
Compute Science Engineer - Programmer