Autonomous AI

The Project

This project was designed to explore autonomous AI and it's use in game development. The main components of the AI showcased above are various steering behaviors, a FSM for decision making and A* for complex pathfinding.

How it Works

The AI shown is continously observing it's environment through sensory input (vision cones and Lines of Sight). As time passes in game the AI's state changes (hunger increases, fear spikes, boredum, etc) and the reacts accordingly.
In the second GIF shown there are two AI agents, the white ones being prey and the red ones being predators. Once the game starts both agent types immedietly search for food (red apples are food for the prey, and the prey are food for the predators). You can see throughout the GIF that steering behaviors remain active throughout the decision making process. The prey will even abandon food when they fear they are in too much danger.
Gameplay Developer & Game Designer - Programmer