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A Serious Game

High Concept

This game was the product of a classroom workshop on serious games. The intention of the game is to highlight issues faced, via auto drivers and travelers, through the game.
This game was developed using the model by Fields of View.


Ankita Mitra Arko Chakraborty Ipsita Srivastava

Game Design

Objective of the Game

To make the players understand the existing problems faced by auto drivers and passengers.

Objective in the Game

To earn the most currency amongst 4 players in 8 rounds


  • Primary Actor
  • Auto driver (player)
  • Secondary Actors
  • Passengers
  • Police
  • Auto garages
  • Fuel pumps

Constraints: Time

Resource: Money

Gameplay 1

  • Turn based game, 8 rounds.
  • 4 Players, each playing the role of an auto driver. Each payer starts with INR 200.
  • Each Player has to decide whether to invest INR 150 to get a meter or not.
  • The Player should also decide whether to stay in the auto stand or search the streets for possible passengers.
  • There are 2 dices in the game each for auto stand or the roamer.
  • The dice for the Auto stand has the markings: 0, 0, 100, 200, 200, 400. These Markings represent the money for the turn in INR. The player is also charged INR 30 for staying in the booth (Charged after the cast).
  • The dice for the streets has the markings: 30, 30, 50, 50, 100, 100. These Markings represent the money for the turn in INR. The player is not required to pay to remain in the streets.
  • The player picks a chance card at the end of each turn.
  • At the end of 8 rounds the player with maximum amount wins.

Gameplay 2

Digital Board game for two or more players
  • The grid represents a city. It has a starting and ending point, and two interim stop points.
  • At the starting and the interim points the player has to roll a standard dice twice.
  • The first roll decides the form of commute (Cab or Auto). 1,6 for Cab and 2,3,4,5 for Auto.
  • The second roll decides the number of grids movable by the player.
  • Cabs move 2x the roll in normal areas.
  • Traffic areas are marked on the map. In these areas Cabs move x amount but only every other turn.
  • However when entering a traffic area the current available moves for the cab are cancelled. The autos are unaffected.
  • The map has a mask for the players travelling by auto. Where as the entire map is revealed to those in cabs.
  • The visible area for autos is a 5 x 5 grid centered around it.
  • The destinations and metro lines are always visible.
  • Metro station act as teleportation points in case the player uses it.
  • The teleportation takes effect next turn.
  • The player starts with 400 points
  • The cost for autos is 2 points per grid.
  • The cost for Cabs is 4 points per grid.
  • The player to reach the destination fastest wins.
  • The player loosing all their points default.
Jayant Kumar
Game Designer - Student