Auto Texture Tiling Tool
Easy to use tiling textures tool
Everyone has been in this situation: you want to prototype some new map or build some architecture in the Editor, since you don’t want to fire up your 3D-modeling software for such simple stuff. You build a floor and some walls. But oh no! The texture stretches! No problem, since you can set tiling in the Material Editor of Unity. But oh no! Now the tiling of each side is the same. And it is also the same for any object with this material! But you don’t want that! You give up completely frustrated and abandon your project for weeks, drinking yourself to sleep with vodka while binge watching Netflix. There has to be a better way! But there isn’t… Or is there…? Ladies and gentlemen, I present: The Auto Texture Tiling Tool!
Christian Rieß
Designer and Programmer - Owner