Aura Game Engine
Introducing my 3D game engine, entitled Aura Engine. Built in: VS 2017, C#, WPF/XAML and Helix Toolkit (3D Graphics engine). Aura Engine has the beginning workings of a successful game engine. It uses an ECS architecture in an intuitive and stylish GUI, it runs a third-party graphics engine (Helix Toolkit), it allows a user to create a game-object (cube or sphere for now) and add/remove components (transform, rigidbody) to it, and it allows the ability to add multiple game-objects to the scene. Overall the base functionality and application structure is complete, now for implementing a physics engine and scripting abilities. I’ll be posting this on GIT soon to share, so stay tuned for more to come! #auragameengine #gameengines #softwareengineering #softwaredevelopment #applicationdevelopment #gamedevelopment #csharp #videogames #3d
Robert Esposito
Game Developer & Interactive Designer - Programmer