Augmented reality in landscaping&design - gARden
We created gARden app for those who want to experiment with landscape design freely. This app has all types of flowers, trees, rocks, ponds, and even fountains in 3D that are displayed in real size and can be placed inside the real environment for the creation of a perfect landscape design.
In June 2017, when the first ARKit released, I was so inspired! The wait is over, finally, we can work with real space.
The landscape design was one of those I firstly thought of. When a designer is at the client’s area filled with ground or swamp, planning different designs and combinations: spatial thinking and visualization are critically needed!
So, we created the gARden app as an experiment for the landscape design community, I truly believed it can solve so many pain points and save them so much time.
Please don’t judge too harshly, I know the graphics look not so appetizing. But believe me, back in 2017 having a few 3D trees and bushes on one scene in AR was quite a task.
This AR app, as a great tool for visualization and communication with the clients, would let designers work more efficiently. Cause not all of us can imagine how a 2D visualization will look in real, right?
I thought it should revolutionize the industry. I talked to a number of agencies and wanna know the truth? They really liked it but didn’t want it. Why? Cause everything worked well enough without it, they were not ready for this technology.
What do you think of it? Maybe it’s time to refresh the app and give it another try?
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