Augmented Reality for Endangered Animals in Indonesia
Published 2 years ago
In development
Windows; Mac
Indonesia is one of the countries which is well- known for its natural wealth. Various types of flora and fauna live in this fertile country. Like one-horned rhinoceros (javanese rhino), Sumatran elephant, Sumatran tiger, Bawean deer and even Komodo dragons can also be found here. Along with the era of development, the expansion of residential areas and illegal hunting resulted in the difficulty of finding these unique Indonesian animals due to their diminishing habitat and population. With the current technological developments, researchers apply augmented reality (AR) technology to bring the typical Indonesian wildlife with the true scale without having to perturb the animals population. This technology also comes with applying realistic shadow method so that the virtual object of the animal has a shadow like a real object. Stages of shadow realistic formation include receiving light, which is the process of receiving sun object in virtual environment, then setting plane which is an arrangement of virtual plane in order to accept the shadow projection and shadow projection which is a method to project the shadow on the plain of virtual world. The result of the realistic shadow augmented reality application is used as a reference of the shadow projection to the virtual objects. The application of realistic shadow will give a real impression on the virtual object of the rare species of Indonesia which are displayed.
Muhammad Iqbal Rizki Siregar
Bachelor of Computer Information Systems - Programmer
Game Languages
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac