Augmented Azadi
Presenting an interactive AR app on important life moments of our well known Mahatma, incorporated in form of a quiz. Each contestant will face 10 different levels inspired by 10 different historical moments in Gandhi's life, each level will consist of 10 questions and the correct answer to at least 7 of them entitles you to enter the next level.
Each contestant requires to scan the image provided in order to read the description after which a virtual click at the center of the description (i.e. physically clicking the center of the image and not your mobile screen) takes you to the Q&A session of that level.
Our app can be useful for the young generation as it could help sum up 150 yrs. of history inspired by Gandhiji's life in an entirely innovative way.
Team Gandhi AR Adarsh Kumar Avnish Gupta Ayush Yadav Chirag Jatin Goel Sarthak Kohli
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Avnish Gupta
Developer - Student