AudioSync - Lip Sync & Audio FX (Preview)

This is just a preview, I will eventually try to publish this project on the Unity Asset Store!

The idea behind AudioSync is to be able to use sound data to create various visual effects or events. The most obvious application is probably using it for lips animation, but you can use it for anything you need, like for example sound based particle emitters, screen effects, or even games with gameplay based on music.
You can change the settings to filter or weigh different frequency bands, so that they will have a different outcome on the output value.
It gets the sound samples, performs a FFT, performs some calculations (based on settings profiles) and spits out a numeric value, which then you can use inside a script. The goal is also to precompute sound clips and save the output data in an asset, so you can use it directly, without the need to compute everytime, which huge performance improvements.
I'm planning to hopefully release it on the Asset Store soon. Currently the core functionality is already working, however it still lacks some important functions and needs to be polished quite a bit.
Cosimo Manzione
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