At Dawn You Die
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Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
At Dawn You Die is a third person zombie survival horror game. Starting off in Space the player must return to earth as a clone to eliminate as much of the zombie threat as possible. With a dynamic day and night cycle bringing new gameplay mechanics with each new dawn, this will present a tough challenge. At dawn, when the sun rises, you can expect to encounter a new threat of Mutated zombies that have the ability to mutate up to three times. So killing them quickly is essential if you hope to survive the day! With each mutation, zombies will come back bigger, stronger and more aggressive. Silver Rock City is a weapon in itself and your key to survival. Loot for items and weapons, barricade safe houses, create traps, locate weapon stores, customise your weapons, customise your characters and much more. In a game where you can only eventually die, make sure you you don't go down without a fight! An intelligent points scoring system will keep your score throughout the game for completing actions and tasks and of course putting down some zombies! Your points are accumulative across games and your points are also your in-game currency too!
The game is very much a work in progress we have opened up a lot of the creation process and development on social media to share our Journey! The game was started as a small infinite runner style game for Android which we soon expanded into a massive open world game on a more robust platform! Due to the limited nature of an Android game, we felt there wasn't enough functionality we could add to this game if we continued to work on this platform. We now aim to release this onto PC, MAC, PS4 and Xbox One. Our ETA is unclear at this moment in time with our primary focus being on making it a great game to play rather than rushing to release it.
This game is being designed from the ground up! All of our art work is being designed from scratch by an extremely talented 3D Artist with an incredible eye for detail! Join us on our journey as we aim to make At Dawn You Die a fresh new zombie survival game unlike any you've played before! It will be full of the undead, full of surprises which will keep you coming back for more! You will be fighting to stay alive from the moment you land in the city! It is not a question of if you die... It's when you die!
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English; English, British
Supported Platforms
Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4; Xbox One