At Dawn You Die
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Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4; Xbox One
A fresh, unique survival horror game with a surprisingly familiar feel to it. Float back down to Earth from Space, with your team where you will battle for survival in a lifeless, undead New York City. Teams will be formed of 6 Legends and 6 Rejects. Fight each other or fight the dead! There are no rules, but every action each player takes will incur points both individually and as a team! There is only one mission, when/if you reach the ground, don't die! Game-play will change dramatically during the night and during the day adding a new twist to the survival horror genre. The year is 2110, nearly 100 years after humanity abandoned planet Earth fleeing to Space. An apocalyptic, extinction level event occurred back in 2018, humanity rebuilt a new civilization in Space, using the former International Space Station as humanity's last hope for a future! The virus outbreak consumed the world and soon was over-populated with the undead! The earth was no longer considered "survivable" and over the years, the Space Station had to expand significantly to cope with the ever growing population! With this ever-expanding society brought a twisted new game show designed primarily for entertainment, but masking the true nature of the games, which some believed was a cover-up to control the population! Contestants of the show consist of Legends and Rejects. The Legends were usually good, charismatic people volunteering for honor, pride and to leave behind the ultimate lasting legacy as well as a significant sum of money for their families. The Rejects team consisted of criminals or anybody that opposed the games! The rejects were forced against their will to participate. Previous games had seen epic fights occur between Rejects and Legends teams whilst also trying to contain endless hoards of the undead ripping them limb from limb! Other occasions saw Rejects and Legends joining forces in an attempt to survive and achieve enough points to make it onto the Legacy Board! The Legacy board was a publicly visible leader-board in which all past, present and future contestants were entered into. New contestants would aim to beat previous scores in hope to be idolized after death! One things for sure... It's not if you die, it's when! You can die as a nobody from the safety and comfort of Space, or sign up for the games and be remembered as a hero forever! Alternatively if you break the law, you'll automatically be omitted into the games! Its a very uplifting game where you can only eventually die! But whether you die running scared or die knee deep in zombie guts is up to you!
The game is very much a work in progress we have opened up a lot of the creation process and development on social media to share our Journey we are embarking on to make this game awesome! The game was started as a small infinite runner style game for Android and soon had to be expanded into a massive open world game on a more solid platform! Due to the limited nature of an infinite runner we felt there wasn't enough functionality we could add to this game if we continued to work on Android. We now aim to release this onto PC, MAC, PS4 and Xbox One. Our ETA is unclear at this moment in time but provisionally we are aiming for a mid 2019 release.
This game is being designed from the ground up! Nothing re-used, no corners cut with every care taken to make our game world unique dynamic and as immersive as possible! All of our art work is being designed from scratch by an extremely talented 3D Artist, who is committed, applies great care, precision and a meticulous attention to detail! Eliminate the other team, join forces with them to increase your chances of survival, you decide! Choose wisely as fighting alone is not recommended! Join us on our journey as we aim to make At Dawn You Die a fresh new zombie survival game unlike any you've played before! It will be full of the undead, full of surprises which will keep you coming back for more! You will be able to play with friends (multiplayer) or play alone (single player) but however you play, you will be fighting for survival until there is no fight left in you! It's not a question of if you die... It's when you die!

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Windows; Mac; PlayStation 4; Xbox One