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In development
Mac; Windows
ASTERION is an action-adventure game where you will follow the brave Minotaur, Asterion, on his quest to find a way out of the Cretan Labyrinth.

Explore the twisting paths, solve puzzles and prove your might against the creatures of the Labyrinth to escape certain death... or eternal imprisonment.

ASTERION will be released for PC and Mac.
Asterion will be a Role action adventure game where you play as Asterion a cursed creature captured and imprisioned on a mystical labyrinth. The game will count with a third person combat system where you will unlock abilities as you gain progress on the game. At the same time you will have to solve puzzles that will help you discover your way out of the labyrinth.

We are hoping to create a rich world full of adventure and surprise, this game will be story-driven and that means you will be surrounded by a rich narrative that will create a fantastic interactive experience. Right now we are working on a demo that will help us crowfund the game on 2018.

We are new here, so we will be happy if you could give us a hand! Weekly we will post new updates on the game, fell free to comment, criticize, or ask us anything! But most of all help us making a great game and be part of our adventure!
Game Languages
English; French; Spanish; German; Italian
Supported Platforms
Mac; Windows
Colombian Company behind Asterion
Standard GI baking for now but we will use more resorces in other scenes to make them more dynamic! Thank you so much! You can ask us anything you like and we are pretty active on our social media at: Instagram: @asteriongame Twitter: @GlassBearStudios
Alberto Luviano
a year ago
Hobbyist Game Developer
That lightning is awesome! are you using standard GI baking or some other techniques? The environments look incredible already, it will be nice to follow the development of this game.