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Android; iOS
A Space Age Wire Loop Game
Asterings is a thrilling interstellar race. Challenge yourself and others, as you tap your way across the Multiverse! Fly your rings at insane speeds. Smash all the records. Dash across space and find your tempo through deadly obstacles.
Collect as many gems as you can, then use them to unlock new worlds and mightier rings. PS. Exploding is a big part of the process. There is no shame in it.
========================= GAME FEATURES: - “Easy to learn, difficult to master” single-touch mechanic - World leaderboards (are you ready to challenge your friends?) - Realistic physics, sick angular momentum - Irresistible action, colorful explosions and little cubes - Different types of levels for every planetary setting - Wacky achievements - Original soundtrack - “Meow button” (cat and cat-lover friendly) - Dangerously delicious candies STRENGTHS: - New arcade game - Engaging pastime, addictive and fun - Clean, minimal graphics - Plenty of pop culture references - Regular updates full of fresh content and awesome features
WEAKNESSES: - Let us know if you find any! Your comments are valued and appreciated! SIDE EFFECTS: - Hair-growth - French existentialism - William Shatner Syndrome
Matteo Greco
Developer for XR and Mobile - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Italian; French; Norwegian Bokmål
Supported Platforms
Android; iOS