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Updated 2 years ago
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Hi fellow developers !
Here is one of my unity asset, it is available on The asset store and it's free! Check it out! :D

It allow you to merge some texture into only one final texture ( up to 4 black and white textures => 1 by texture's channel ).
In a channel, you can store an other texture's channel ( R, G, B or A ) or a greyscale version of a texture.

Some uses of this tool :

Merge different mask map into one texture to get only one texture to load.

Merge an ambient occlusion map into the alpha channel of an albedo map.

There is a README in the package wich will help you to get started with this asset and i'm here to answer any questions you have ! :D
Thanks to Camsvdb for his participation to the icons of this asset!
Thomas Fuentes
Unity C# developper - Programmer