[ASSET STORE] Farm planting system
With this asset you are able to create arcade farm games for PC and smartphones where you can plant, harvest, gain money and unlock new levels, or discover new facets of this to create something original, or just you this as start point for bigger projects, it contains all tools what you needed for that purposes!
Package features:
● Stages-based plants creator (require just 3D models, the rest can be easily configured)
● Different placeholders (you can buy placeholders, cultivate or just plant without difficulty)
● Works on PC and Mobiles (full PC and Mobile controls: hotkeys, moving, zooming etc)
● DateTime-based (even if app is in background or paused your plants will grow anyway without background hard CPU usage!)
● Revolutionary ‘Reharvest’ feature (one time planted - multiple time harvested)
● Many useful scripts and techniques (can fit many game types, not only farm games!)
● Main menu and 2 sample levels
● Simple save load feature (not all progress realtime, just passed levels)
● 3 farm music tracks
● Many sample 3D models
● Icons and Interface
● Many settings for all
● Well commented code and detailed tutorial
Dmitry Raskalov
Deatrocker - Programmer