[Asset Store] Fair Random
Random can be cruel from time to time. You must have already felt this frustration when, even with good chances on your side, bad rolls keep getting your luck away...
Fair Random will fix this issue for you and keep your users frustration away. The concept is pretty simple, each time an item is not picked while included in a set, it's chances to be picked at next roll will increase until he finally get picked.
That's not enough for you? Check all the neat features included :

Key Features

  • Keep away user's frustration with the Fair Random
  • Light and easy to set up

Additional Features

  • "Smart Random" : support wide range of denominators in a same roll set
  • "Range Pick" : return a range of loot of your choice, can return empty loot if you want to
  • "Demo Scene" : include a demo scene to help you get started

Pradeilles Thomas
Programmer Full Stack - Programmer