Asset Graph3D awaiting publication
Now I am developing an application for investors in stock trading. In which there was a need to create a graph of functions with two parameters. The graph was designed as a separate element in the form of an asset.
- Function graph in the form of a curve
- Function graph in the form of an array of parallel curves
- Function graph in the form of a mesh (surface)
- Point markers on the graph with inscriptions and auxiliary lines
- Easy start charting
- The choice of the direction of the function on any axis
- Full source code included
- The scripts contains detailed comments in the code in english and russian
- Ability to change the appearance of your choice through prefabs in the editor
- Manual in english and russian is included
- Doesn't work in <em>Canvas Render mode Screen Space - Overlay
- Creating closed surfaces (for example, shapes like a sphere, a torus).
It is still possible to create these figures if you divide the function into two equations, but the figure will have a noticeable cut seam.
Future plans:
- Polygon surface with color gradient in height
- Closed surfaces of shapes (for example, sphere, torus)
- Sectional surfaces
- Isoline on the surface
- Insert auxiliary section planes
- Advanced grid of coordinate axes
Aleksey Pozdeev
Everywhere perfectionist - Programmer