Asia Adventure Kit
This is a package which contains over 400 props which help you create a fantasy game environment. Beauty, nature and asian air are the primary objective of this asset. You can use it to build many type of games: endless running, fantasy, and puzzle game with varieties of islands, bridge and maze wall blocks.

Another prominent feature of Asia Adventure Kit is a list of traps such as: swinging mace trap, spike trap, fire trap, bear trap, stone trap ... and so on.

Specially, this asset is packed with 2 versions, 1 atlas version with merged texture (4096x4096), 1 separated map version (512x512 and 1024x1024). All texture are hand painted and high quality.

Props in the asset:
- 14 floating Islands with different shapes and forms
- 30+ hills and mountains to create range of nature mountain.
- 3 waterfalls
- 40 pieces of bridge to create up and down roads
- 3 Lakes - Farm houses - 9 traps
- 3 portals
- 3 gates with variations
- 2 Giant Towers
- 2 Asian style houses
- Fences
- Pillars and Totem
- 10 Trees
- 40 grass and bush
- Many rocks and Boulder
- 5 types of mushroom (2LOD)
- Crates, barrels and wooden obstacles
- Treasure chest loot
- Maze wall blocks
- 3 sedan chairs
Sou Chen Ki
3D Game Artist - Designer