Ashes of Icarus
Published 3 years ago
In development
A 3D Action/Adventure RPG that Teaches Foreign Languages
Ashes of Icarus is a 3D Action/Adventure RPG that teaches players about foreign language by integrating quizzes into the combat system and dynamically changing in-game audio and text to reflect what a player knows. This game was created with the intention of teaching Japanese to English speakers and currently uses the grammar and language from the first chapter of the Genki 1 Japanese textbook. In this game players command a group of allied NPCs and attack enemy NPCs in combat telepathically by answering quizzes to send them messages and attach with psychic abilities. Players can access the information they have learned in game using an in-game PDA item that contains databases that will update automatically to show the information the player has learned so far and what their current level of information is. Information can be leveled up by answering quizzes correctly. When information levels up it becomes more detailed by either adding definitions, adding kanji characters, or adding new readings. This project is currently on hiatus until more of the story has been written and an artist can be found.
Ben Johnson
Unity, C#, and C++ Programmer Extraordinaire. - Programmer
Game Languages
English; Japanese
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