Ash of Gods: Redemption - Review
Published 2 years ago
Embark on an epic adventure to decide the fate of a fantastic Realm. Ash of Gods: Redemption is an immersive tale about a land suffering the last of a series of recurring catastrophes. Each Reaping bring chaos all over Terminus, your quest is to survive it, and hopefully stop it before its too late.
Ash of Gods: Redemption is a modern age RPG adventure surrounded by a theatrical visual novel. Excellent artwork and shocking plots make this game an extremely immersive experience.
Price: 24.99
Size: 5GB
Genre: Modern RPG
Developed by: AurumDust
Published by: AurumDust, WhisperGames
Reviewed on PC.
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The time for the last Reaping has come. The Esnes are rushing to the sacred healing stones called Menhirs; The curse is spreading all over Terminus; The bells chime by themselves as if possessed by magic. All small issues compared to the arrival of the Reapers, creatures that are as powerful as they are hateful.
The last reaping, a group of brave warriors tried to put an end to the massacre. They hoped to seal away the reapers, at the cost of their own lives. Sadly, one of the brave warriors was injured before joining his brethren. The lone survivor, forced to carry the gilt of his failure will stop at nothing to save the land from a doomed fate.
Ash of Gods: Redemption has an extremely complex story, which is affected by the desitions you make in the game. You'll be able to witness the events of the reaping from multiple vantage points.


Hopper Rouley, the lone survivor from the last reaping. Being an immortal Umbra, he is still around. He'll finish his mission of stopping the reaping. Probably the best hope for Terminus, Hopper has more than his share of wisdom and power.
Thron Brenin, a decorated military man finds out that his daughter Gleda was cursed by the reaping. Starting as an itch on the back of your neck, the curse of the reaping can make people go into a crazed blood-lust. You will lead a team of guards on a quest to get rid of the curse.
Lo Peng, an Eikon from the Clan of Shadows. Is answering the call of the reaping, going home to warn the Clan and prepare for what is to come.


Besides the Visual Novel mechanics, they use to tell the story of the game. Ash of Gods: Redemption presents a new take on the modern age RPG genre. Allowing most attacks to damage either heal or energy doesn't just restrict the available actions. If the energy runs out, damage to health is doubled.
This twist gives a new level of strategic gameplay to the game. On top of that, there are so many classes and skills each battle requires a unique approach.
Each character has a skill tree for customization, with a lot of options to go with each strategy. Equipment mechanics are limited, just two slots per character. Equipment items are also scarce, not easy to find a decent shop during a global catastrophe I guess.
If the game gets too challenging you can always bring the difficulty down manually. However, if you take your time and think about, it's not that hard to go with the dynamic difficulty of Ash of Gods: Redemption.


AurumDust went all out with the artwork for this epic game. Using a combination of 2D artwork with 3D lighting and particles, they really make the story come alive.
For the combat, they went with isometric artwork. Their amazingly detailed animations can make you wonder if you're looking at 2D artwork or 3D models.

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