Asgard Run
Sprint into a high-speed adventure with your chosen hero on a quest to save Asgard! Use speedy reflexes to avoid hazards and grab awesome power-ups. Time epic attacks against gruesome mythological foes in high-speed running battles. Jump, slide, turn, and even fly across the stunning fantasy landscape in your quest to stand proud among the gods of Asgard! Features: - Choose your hero from a roster of fantastic champions. - Equip an array of weapons and armor offering special abilities and bonuses! - The uniquely rotating world is as dangerous as it is stunningly beautiful! - Go berserk and let nothing stand in your way - Unlock new characters and elite weapons to unleash your wrath upon the enemies of Asgard. - Defeat enemies including powerful warlocks, skeleton warriors and exploding zombies! - Escape hazards such as traps, ruins, and even falling meteors! - Invite your friends to join the fight against the hordes of Helheim and challenge them for fame and glory.
Amused Sloth
Indie game development studio