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Technology changes our life


Hello everyone ! Welcome to our page. We are four Chinese students who love making games so much. After learning for some time, we decided to participate in this Unity 2D Chanllenge. Although this is our first time to sign up for a competition like this, we are very confident about the work we've done. Thanks for Unity's powerful 2D tools, we could bring ideas that are very complicated to the reality in a faster way than before. We are game-developing studio Revival, and we hope you can enjoy the game we make.
Thank you for reading this page.

Background of the game

The time we set for this game is in the near future of our own time. As we can see now, the technology develops fast. The innovating of internet technologies never stops. The artificial intelligence is becoming more and more smart, and the pacing of Internet Of Things (IOT) keeps going forward. We have thought about how these changes will affect our daily life, and we made a consensus that the future is terrifying. In our childhood, our parents take care of us. When we grow up, we can take care of ourselves. What about to let an AI take care of us ? We brought our fear toward the smart home into this game.

In the future, we won't need to take care of ourselves anymore, AI will do things from preparing your bath water's temperature to turn off a light for us.

Game Play

The gameplay of this game is quite simple. Like the housekeeper, you have to manage the life of your "master". Your master Mr.smith bought a set of smart furniture, and you are the hub and core of this IOT system. In the game, you need to prepare a food for or to wake up your master in a specific time so that he can live a comfortable life. If you serve him well, then he will trust you more, and he will buy more smart devices for you to control.
Making your master happy is the most important thing to do in this game.


You might be curious about how this game can tell a story. It's not very complicated. There are two separate but interconnected ways for players to know what happened to the master.
Players can use the computer in the bedroom to talk with master. We made a selection tree by which players can have a freedom to make their own decisions. The selection made by players can also have effect on the story later on. The game will have a lot of endings depending on how much the master trusts the player and how much he likes the player.

Also, there's another way to let the master "talk". When we came up with the selection tree idea, we realized that using the PC alone is not a very good way to tell the situation of master because there's way more time for the master to do other things than to sit in front of a computer. So we built a system of dialog bubbles. Using bubbles can not only draw the attention of players to the master, but also let players know what the master is thinking.

Art Style

In this game, we followed the rule of flat design. Almost every example above can describe the design well. The flat design genre is quite popular now, so we think may be players can accept our game see this game as visually comfortable.

We blurred the main character(Mr.smith)'s face to eliminate the characteristic of this character because we want to tell the players that this character is not special at all. At the same time, the elimination can give players a feeling that this character is just a stranger.

The game is not very colorful and bright-colored, but also not very dark. When we start making the graphic, we want to put more sense of living and at the same time try to remain a feeling of metropolis, which is mechanized and motionless.


When playing, players need to switch rooms in a very fast speed some time. Because the scene is not big enough, the camera's movable area must be restricted in a specific area. At first, we are so confused about how to do this. However, After using the 2D cinemachine function, the camera's movement become so smooth and perfect. It won't go out of the limitation anymore.
Thanks to the 2D cinemachine, we only used a few lines of code to achieve our goal. In the days after, we will use cinemachine to make something more. In this game, we used Track&Dolly's auto dolly to control the camera.
What's more, 2D Animation makes it easier to design the animation of working furnitures.

In case that the Chinese developer cannot watch the video, this video is the same video but not from the youtube
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Really cool project, great idea and lovely graphics!
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creative !
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