Artifact Match History Viewer


A recent project of mine is a free and open source tool for the community of the game Artifact. As the game is quite fresh and doesn't contain an official Match History viewer yet, I took it upon myself to create a tool that can do that. I initially created the tool in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) using UI and C# to break the data in objects and display them in a nice and UI friendly way for people to see.


As some time went by, I realised not many people would want to keep opening an exe to view their matches. I also have next to zero experience in creating a website and hosting. Until I found out about GitHub's free hosting on their Git Pages. I investigated more and realised that I could do the same and port my code and functionality to the web. After a week, I was able to build the website using Bootstrap and have it up and available for people to use.
Since it's open source, all the code is available online for other's to see. I'm a massive fan of open source and try to contribute as much as possible. Click here to check out the repository on Github, or click here to vie the website and the resulting product.
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Josh Shepherd
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