Your Journey through the Universe of Endless Stone
Published 4 years ago
Unforgettable adventures of three dwarven astronauts trying to save their nation.
We are Whale Rock Games - a young indie game studio based in Kiev, Ukraine. We find our inspiration in the games we all love. And we create games following our hearts and minds, making the things that we believe will appeal to the gamers, who love really high quality, challenging and engaging games. Our first game is We are the Dwarves.
Why dwarves?
We decided to dedicate our game to this race, because these guys rarely get key roles in any kind of games, movies, etc. At the same time dwarves have an amazing potential! They’re so unique, authentic, interesting and inspiring! And the world where they live, their lifestyle and beliefs, goals and passions give such an ample scope to imagination!
So we took the dwarven race and tried to invent the world which in our opinion they would totally love. And that’s what defined the style of the game in whole.
What do dwarves love? They love stone, they love different mechanisms, they are a very pragmatic and grounded folk. So how can look their world? It should be definitely full of stone! So here appears the Stone Universe - it’s absolutely inverse to the one we know. While our world consists mostly of emptiness, the dwarven world is made of entire stone. Of course there are cavities in this stone and they are equivalent to our planets. And while planets in our world gravitate around the stars, in the Stone Universe cavities are lightened by unique crystals, which give the vital light and energy to everything live. Dwarves call them Stars. And as dwarves are the race of engineers they obviously should have different mechanisms adapted for the world they live in. So we gave them the Spaceship! Which is actually a rock-drilling machine that allows to travel in the world filled with stone.
You know, it was really challenging to combine the atmosphere of dwarven caves with the space thing! But we think that we’ve succeed. And we’re really proud of the Universe that we have created. But the Stone Universe is only the beginning of our story.
So what is We are the Dwarves about?
The Stars which give the vital light and energy to the dwarven race is slowly running down. And this means that the dwarven nation is on the verge of extinction. That’s the reason why the best of the best dwarves decided to go on a dangerous expedition to the unknown depths of the Stone Universe - they need to find new Stars which will give them a chance to survive. But something goes wrong and the expedition almost finds its end. Only three dwarven astronauts manage to survive. And here starts our journey.
After the crash of the Starship Forcer, Smashfist and Shadow find themselves in the middle of unexplored areas of the Stone Universe. This place seems to be very unusual and strange, the dwarves have never seen such stones, nature, creatures, they even didn’t imagine that such things can exist in the Stone Universe. But they have to make their way to the Star, which gives the vital energy to everything and everyone live here. Their journey will be hard and full of unexpected dangers and threats, they will have to fight hundreds of enemies, accomplish complicated missions, trying to survive and find the Star, repair their Starship and bring the good news home. And they will do it, they will find the Star and will save their nation. Because they are the dwarves.
What makes We are the Dwarves so interesting and challenging?
First of all that's the unique universe and the possibility to interact with it. This world is full of places and things which can kill the characters, but a really observant and thoughtful gamer will find a way to benefit from these things, making enemies drown in a swamp, fight each other, etc.
Each of the dwarven astronautes has very specific abilities. The dwarves complete each other, their abilities perform the best, when the player understands them and combines, uses each dwarf for proper missions and tasks. If the player wants just to run through the levels and chaotically use all the abilities trusting to chance - it won’t work. In such way the game will seem very difficult and frustrating, it will be almost impossible to pass any level. To enjoy the game and fully experience it the gamer needs to plan his actions, make a reconnaissance, choose the right spot for attack, properly use the pause feature, etc. That’s what the game was designed for.
In the end we want to say that We are the Dwarves is a special game. We wanted to make it really challenging. Nowadays most of games are so simple and senseless, they’re so easy to pass and players are so lazy... We wanted to shake them up a bit. So we made We are the Dwarves in order to challenge players to be more active and thoughtful, remember of the old-school games and the times, when playing games was really challenging, when you spent lots of time trying to defeat enemies and felt so satisfied when you managed to do it! That were amazing times, do you agree? Now you can recall them playing We are the Dwarves. Yep, we made several difficulty level for the case if some newbie or dabster would like to play We are the Dwarves too. But you know, that the real gamers play only hardcore, yeah? And we’re sure that you’re not the person who will be afraid of some difficulties and challenges while playing this really engaging game!