Yamaha My Garage App
Published 5 years ago
Mobile Bike Configuration Application
Short Description
Yamaha wanted to provide customers with a bike conifigurator that was engaging and easy to use with realistic 3D visualizations.
What was the Purpose? Question and expectations of the client
Yamaha Europe needed a digital tool to provide bike enthusiasts the freedom to customize their rides and efficiently connect them to dealers. Considering the target audience, our aim was to create an experience which was unlike anything else out there.
After working with the client for two years to build up their database of 3D assets for all of their bikes, scooters and accessories, it was finally time to develop and launch the first of many interactive applications: a bike configurator. We targeted a specific segment of sport heritage bike enthusiasts. Because we knew their passion, the experience differs from other configurators in that it gives them the feeling of really building a bike in their own garage, rather than just picking from a list of options. Sound effects and garage setting were designed to enhance this feeling.
What was the Result? Which solution is chosen and why, results and ROI (preferably with numbers), innovation, creativity, strategy, cooperation, launch, usability and design
We created Yamaha My Garage; a real-time 3D configurator that integrates rich CG bike assets with a simple configuration interface. Enthusiasts can use a digitally tactile interactive process, and preview accessory options in detail along with regional pricing and local retailer information. Having the visual focus on the bike was integral, and the interface was an important tool to declutter the view. Looking at other configurators we felt the interaction should be more tactile, without distracting hotspots, or too many buttons. So, we kept the UI as simple as possible and enabled users to configure their bikes with a swipe of their finger. Once finished, customizable lighting, filters and suggested camera angles create the perfect picture of the final product to send to a preferred Yamaha dealer or share on social media.
The Yamaha My Garage configurator provided Yamaha with a strong digital connection to their audience. Consumers around the world can now build their ultimate Yamaha motorcycle in a 360-degree environment with photorealistic assets. They can choose a model, add options and watch their custom-configured bike come to life before their eyes.
Since its launch the app has received worldwide recognition even though it targets specifically the European market. The user ratings in both stores are high and the main comment is: "Will there be more bikes available for other segments?" In addition the app has been awarded the FWA app of the day, within days after launch. The rating on Google Play is: 4.4/5 (278 total reviews).
Other Information (250 words)
Due to the success of the app with the Sport Heritage Range, INDG and Yamaha have used the same framework to release the My Garage app for two other Yamaha motorbike ranges - Supersport and MT.